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September 2009



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G20 and other thoughts

There are times I hate living in Grove City, for example all I was able to hear was a brief radio snippet..."Protest", "Tear Gas", "Riot"

Now take those three words and post a picture in your head.  What comes into it?

By the time I got home it was stated that the tear gas was not tear gas, but something called "OC"?   Brian Williams mentioned on NBC that it's just a bad a tear gas, bully for him for mentioning it.

So far very little damage to my beloved town, but I do have an issue with breaking shit just to break it.   Protesting a bank like PNC is all well and good and frankly I do recommend standing in front of them and bitching out the CEO.  Breaking a window at a local branch serves no purpose other than make you an ass.

I do wish that some of the protesters would have been heard by the world leaders though, politics is isolating.  It's good that they be reminded of the people they serve now and again.  To quote Stalin, "the death of one man is a tragedy, the death of a million a statistic".  Politics often becomes what is good for the people in power and not for the general person on the street.

Although I don't agree with everything that is being protested and how some are resisting....I understand it.  I do support it.  Although frankly I have to ask myself...."If I still lived in Pittsburgh would I join in?"

Honestly, I don't know.  I look about and see 20 year olds...kids....leading the way.   In 20 years it will be their turn to lead, just like Obama is a president from my generation.  20 years ago I was active...I should be there.  It's their world, but my time.

Instead I sit here and think about business, work on plans and then finally....figure out a way to get the Green party to sign up to my company.


Because I didn't have a lot of choices to link with you LOL.

I've decided that it's time I get off my ass and acutally try to make this self employeed thing work.

I'm considering a move to Tampa as well, although the info I've been getting lately is not the best.


well you moved to flordia and left good old grove city...now your not having any "fun" there either now what....