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So I'm back

In an attempt to connect with old friends, I've decided to reactivate my account.  I'm hoping that this will pop up in their email boxes announcing my return to LJ.

I made some good friends over the years, both in the Pittsburgh area — which is where I started this journal — and in other places.

A few of you may remember me from a program called Second Life (or SL) where I was Adam Zadeh.   A few may remember me from various events in and around the Pittsburgh area when I was involved in the BDSM and Polyamourous communities.   

Currently I live in Tampa, FL.   I am no longer on SL, nor am I involved in the BDSM and poly worlds.   Oh the itch is still always will be, but the times have changed. out there?


G20 and other thoughts

There are times I hate living in Grove City, for example all I was able to hear was a brief radio snippet..."Protest", "Tear Gas", "Riot"

Now take those three words and post a picture in your head.  What comes into it?

By the time I got home it was stated that the tear gas was not tear gas, but something called "OC"?   Brian Williams mentioned on NBC that it's just a bad a tear gas, bully for him for mentioning it.

So far very little damage to my beloved town, but I do have an issue with breaking shit just to break it.   Protesting a bank like PNC is all well and good and frankly I do recommend standing in front of them and bitching out the CEO.  Breaking a window at a local branch serves no purpose other than make you an ass.

I do wish that some of the protesters would have been heard by the world leaders though, politics is isolating.  It's good that they be reminded of the people they serve now and again.  To quote Stalin, "the death of one man is a tragedy, the death of a million a statistic".  Politics often becomes what is good for the people in power and not for the general person on the street.

Although I don't agree with everything that is being protested and how some are resisting....I understand it.  I do support it.  Although frankly I have to ask myself...."If I still lived in Pittsburgh would I join in?"

Honestly, I don't know.  I look about and see 20 year the way.   In 20 years it will be their turn to lead, just like Obama is a president from my generation.  20 years ago I was active...I should be there.  It's their world, but my time.

Instead I sit here and think about business, work on plans and then finally....figure out a way to get the Green party to sign up to my company.

The dogs

Riverhounds and Marketing mistakes

Normally I don't write about these things.  However I've been following the Hounds since 1999 and have worked with and supported them during that whole time.  Even writing match reports for them.  So it pains me when I see the team going to hell in a hand basket due to simple little things that should be Marketing 101. 

The other day in the mail I got a letter from the Riverhounds, personally addressed and thanking me for supporting them during their 2009  campaign.  Great idea really.   I would provide a link to the letter on their web page but the team didn't post it.  It's not on their facebook account and I assume the myspace page either.   Mistake # 1.

Mistake # 2 - It's a plain letter.  Now I understand they are generalized form letters.  So how can it be made better?   Simple:  Catch my attention.

Instead of "Dear Riverhound Season Ticket Holders:" try "Dear Riverhounds Team Owner:"   I used bold face to make my point.  What catches your eye....something generic?  Or Team Owner?  

Then I go on to explain that the Hounds are "OUR" team and thank them etc.  Build the fans up...The loudest and most feared fans in the USL - not just the USL-2.  Other teams quake in fear at playing in Pittsburgh!   True or not who's the build up that is important.  Besides it is true that the Steel army traveled to Harrisburg and Edinboro University this past season. 

Nor was their any value other than the thank you, heartfelt as it may have been.  No extra value for me to want to sign up for next year.  Hey, how about offering me 4 season ticket passes + limited edition "Riverhounds Owner" t-shirt and a coupon off of other merch?   Say for $100?   With two other packages below that?    Say it with me now...Mistake # 3

I think I'm going to pass this on to some people I know, let them make the pitch or see if I can make the pitch to them.  I love the Hounds, love soccer and do really want it to succed.  I just don't think the current owners/marketers are capable of  making it happen.

Like sounds through the hourglass....yadda, yadda

It's been a few days since I have updated this.  Their are reasons why but the main reason is that I don't have much to say or do anymore.  I lke LJ, it's a good site and I prefer it over Facebook and myspace.   Which makes me wonder why something catches on, and something else does not.  Maybe if we would have had a murder or rapists on LJ?

A lot of the people I used to know on here are gone.  Or simply don't post anymore.

I've been thinking of giving it up as well.

I don't think I will and I'm not depressed.   Just thinking that my wants, needs and goals now are different and as the world becomes more and more interconnected - so much so as privacy can only be found in your own head - having a personal journal like this on the net may be a bad thing.

Well....I guess that's it for now.

Once again into the breech dear friends

It's been a while since I've updated this.  I've been writing, working and generally having a good time with my life.  Although I'm not exactly "happy" with where I am in my life, it's nice to see that I'm getting a lot of that spark back.

I also had a very interesting conversation with one of the founder of the Social Media Bible.   I found it really interesting that someone else is thinking along the same lines I am.   I am going to send him a bit of info later I later I think, I want in on this...I'll have to think some things through but I feel it's a good fit.

Actually its been a good day all around.  I'm making some good contacts, here and in Florida - which I'm leaning more and more towards doing.  Something that's been bothering me was lifted.  Hell, even my acne cleared up.  :)

I just feel like I'm taking control of my life again, which I 've not felt I've had in the last 3 years or so.


Leaving SL

Earier today I said goodbye to old friends and deleated SL from the PC.   I have to get my priorities straight and frankly SL was starting to interfer with my RL relationships and the job hunt.   As well as my sleep.

I love the people, the worlds that were created.   I'll still chat with them sometimes I suppose, but the days of being online for hours are over.

I will stop in for a bit during the week.   I need to clean out my inventory, pay a debt back and collect my stuff out of my virtual home.

It was nice to get a outpouring of well wishes from several people.  You really do make friends there.